Komposition & Gesang: Leman Stehn

Gitarre & Produktion: Günal Ocak


Monika Callies

A yellow day

Oh exciting way of being
There are so many things to do
The heart is full of pleasure
My feet want to kiss the ground
with every single step I take

I feel a deep connection
I am strong

My eyes are full of love
Following my vision
Today is a good day to change the world
A good day to let my soul put color on the walls



Bea Mau






A white day

Slowly waking up on an empty day
No needs, no sorrow
A view into the cloudy sky

This day is different in many ways
The lake inside is quiet

Tierra incógnita
can be found

See who you are today
Be a new friend of yourself

Say hello, step inside, look around

Some things are new, others are known
Just rest, there is no goal to reach

You are at home
You are



Bea Mau






A blue day

This blue mood day
makes all good thoughts fade away
These hours can`t be shared
with someone else

Just step inside
The mind might get lost for a while
it's an up and down

The mountains of a personality
are endless, don`t be afraid
of falling up and down

Its not only suffering
Its picking up pieces of me
I`m rebuilding myself slowly



Bea Mau